They weren’t open when we went to pick up our food....which I understand considering the climate we’re in
Amazing place for sushi.
Sushi Station is always 💯
I ordered online for pick up at 5:30 p.m. and when I arrived almost exactly at that time - maybe a minute early - my order was sitting on the counter. I was a little concerned about that since it wasn't on ice and it made me wonder how long it had been sitting there and when I asked about it the woman at the counter said something to the effect of, "What took you so long?" When I pointed out I had ordered for pick up at 5:30 and asked for ice because I would not be eating it immediately, she suddenly said it hadn't been there long. It seemed odd and so I checked it and it seems fairly cold. I think it should have been on ice sitting there though or they should have kept it somewhere on ice and brought it out when I came. I also think if I said pick up at 5:30 my coming at 5:30 should not have been a surprise. So probably I would not order from them again. The seaweed salad for extremely small for the price. The sushi was very good. They didn't put enough soy in the bag, but there was plenty of ginger and wasabi. I would eat there in person - it looked fun.
second time ive gone and my order wasnt ready for pick up, but the taste makes up for it 100% :) 10stars
Any questions please call us.